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Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Eva Apr 27, 2023 410 views

What are your recommendations for a first job as a 14yo freshman?

I would really like to have a job as soon as possible so I can make money and save for college and my future, but a lot of jobs here in Fayetteville, Arkansas require you to be 16 years old for a freaking cashier or even a janitor/cleaner! The other reason why I want to start sooner is because...

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Eva Apr 27, 2023 482 views

How can I decide what I want my occupation to be if I have so many ideas?

Hey, my name is Eva and I'm starting high school next year, ever since I was in Elementary school I've been thinking about who I want to be in the future, and I have sooooo many ideas! I can't decide! Some things include: singer and/or actor, artist, writer, DJ or any type of music artist in...