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Juan Sebastian Castro - MSBA

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Trey Sep 07, 2023 468 views

How do i make enough money to pay my bills I’m only 16?

I’m 16 living on my own having to pay my own bills what do I do .like how do I make enough money to pay for the bills I’m only 16 living a hard life I just need some friendly advice on wht to do

Analisa’s Avatar
Analisa Jun 13, 2023 352 views

Taxes? How do I learn about them and get through them? #Spring23

As an upcoming adult in the world taxes seem daunting and something I should be knowledgeable about but where do I start what should I know?

Shameka’s Avatar
Shameka Jun 01, 2023 1601 views

How to connect computer science with data science?

I'm studying computer science as my major, but I have been interested in data science and data analytics. I was wondering what career paths or integrations I can do with programming and other skills related to computer science.