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Laura Filippi

New York, New York
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Audrey Jun 09 316 views

If you could change anything about your high school outcome, what would it be and why?

Lots of people often regret certain decisions after high school, so what do you wish you could change?

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Sophia Jun 05 339 views

How did you know what career you wanted to pursue and did you take a few years in college before deciding Also, how did you decide which college was right for you? ?

I’m still in high school and I feel like there are lots of different things I would be interested in and I just don’t know how to narrow it down.

Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Jun 07 162 views

What jobs are available in the communications field?

I know I want to study communications in college; I'm the communications lead for my robotics team and want to further that knowledge. I'm just not sure what's available to me after college.

Aliyah’s Avatar
Aliyah Jun 09 137 views

What are the potential career paths within psychology, and how can I explore them to make an informed decision?

I know that I want to pursue and career in psychology and I would like to be open to all possible career paths within my field of choice. That way I know what’s fit for me as well.

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Julaina Jun 09 630 views

What should I bring up when I'm trying to apply for a job?

Being an upcoming junior I am finding it hard to get a job with no previous experience and being under 18.

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Joseph Jun 09 329 views

Is it possible to balance many different careers and how does one do so? What have been the best financial decisions that you have made since high school for a steady adulthood? (You can answer both, one, or neither.)

I just recently graduated high school and I've thinking about taking a multidisciplinary career with a combination of different STEM paths (computer science, teaching, health e.g. therapy and psychiatry, environmental science, etc.)