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Melody Hall

Business Analyst
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Haarlem, North Holland, Netherlands
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Antonio Sep 01, 2023 325 views

When you were in college and felt overwhelmed with classwork and life in general, how did you keep pushing on??

I am currently in my first year majoring in computer science. I need to make sure that I balance attention to my schoolwork and family obligations as well as having some fun. I do not want to fall behind and sometimes the stress of whats to come is overwhelming.

Anna’s Avatar
Anna Sep 20, 2023 1234 views

What certifications should I get to get a job in computer science?

I hear a lot about AWS certifications or Amazon ones. Which ones are best to get into machine learning and data science jobs?

leiasia’s Avatar
leiasia Oct 13, 2023 449 views

How do you start computer coding?

I am currently in the 10th grade interested in computer science and coding but don't know how to start. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone doesn't mind giving me a few pointers and guidance.