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Christopher Dent

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Leeds, England, United Kingdom
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Ayden Feb 27 417 views

How can being helpful, help me get into engineering?

I have a lot of knowledge with technology and I know a lot of things about them. If there is something wrong with a console, computer, phone, or a tablet... I am able to fix the problem.

Tomide’s Avatar
Tomide Feb 26 919 views

Does technology support human communication?

Does technology support human communication?why or why not.

McKenna’s Avatar
McKenna Feb 27 1007 views

Why is it so important to get good grades and try so hard ?

Im always trying so hard to get good grades in middle school but colleges don't even look at them so I don't understand why it is important.

Liam’s Avatar
Liam Feb 12 748 views

how i can learn new skills ?how i can learn new skills from more source?

how i can learn new skills from more source?

Adrian’s Avatar
Adrian Feb 21 667 views

How do I get started learning about technology?

Im in 10th grade. I am a beginner in this and open to taking summer classes. I think i would do better learning with a teacher/tutor rather watching videos on my own, but I will also try that, just wondering where I should start first!