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DIMPHO Mar 22 275 views

what career do you recommend

i am in grade 12
i am interested in business but would really like to be a doctor because it has a high salary.i am very good in maths,english ,commerce ,chemistry and literature

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Mara Mar 22 217 views

How hard does it get to make decisions for your clients ?

Want more information for my project.

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Vicky Mar 14 509 views

What are some jobs for 16 years old?

I’m 16 right now, in NYC high school. And I know for most jobs, their minimum age to work in their place was 16. So I decided that I wanted to get my first job, but I couldn’t find any job. They either never reply back to me or that their schedule aren’t fit for me or that they don’t hire 16...

Juan-Pablo’s Avatar
Juan-Pablo Mar 14 728 views

Radiology/Radiography and where to start!

Hello, This is my first time writing here, I am interested in my career pathway of becoming a radiologist or radiographer! Any tip's internship wise and what to expect? I Wake Tech has a radiography program and was wondering if that would be a good start? I am getting my Associate in Sciences's...

mary’s Avatar
mary Mar 19 453 views

how do get a job that I could earn experience from where do I even start from? ?

how do get a job that I could earn experience from? where do I even start from?

Jasmine’s Avatar
Jasmine Mar 19 625 views

What career path suits me best?

Honest replies will go a long way to guide me in choosing a career that will best suit me and help my future