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Ebitobor Apr 05 537 views

What is the best skill to acquire How do I start a business if I'm still acquiring the skills Why don't my parents want me to follow my passion in baking??

My passion is baking but my parents believe I should go to college and get a white collar job
They don't believe in my passion
I want to understand why that is so

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Briana Apr 05 199 views

what are the requirements for cosmetology?

how long do you have to do cosmetology

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Makayla Dec 02, 2023 327 views

Why can't i ever decide what i want to do after high school?

I mean I've know what I want to do for a long time but recently i have jumped from career to career and now i feel like i'm lost. I just thought it was because i wasn't trying hard enough but now i feel like i'm losing interest in all of my safe options.

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Kaori Apr 05 204 views

How do I get into one of my career choice How to start? Where to start? Which career would be best for me? What are some better choices than what I have picked out??

I want to either help with Political Campaigning, teach/tutor kids, cosmetology or something with law.

The’s Avatar
The Apr 05 350 views

How do you choose a career you will love?

I’m a 9th grader and am having trouble thinking about what career to choose, my parents kept telling me to start thinking about it but I don’t know. They are all in the medical field and want me to do the same as it is a respected job and it makes a lot of money. But I do not know if I want to...

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Sapphist Apr 05 360 views

What subjects does one need so as to major in engineering?

I would want to become an engineer