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Liz Jankowski

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Khush Apr 12 250 views

As a high school student how do I know what topics are right for me?

I’m currently a 15 year old high-school sophomore and I have various interests in areas related to tech and science. But within these, I’m not really sure what I like specifically so how can I know more vividly what specific part I like?

brown’s Avatar
brown Apr 10 472 views

how to be active in class?

to discus with my friends

Ayanna’s Avatar
Ayanna Jan 15 1360 views

How hard is the CPA exam?

Hi, I'm a freshman at TSU and I major in Accounting and aspire to be at CPA I want to learn as much as I possibly can because this is a huge dream of mine.

Riley’s Avatar
Riley Dec 08, 2023 824 views

How do you get started in the accounting and auditing field?

Wanting to be an accountant or auditor at some point, but not entirely sure what steps I should take to meet the quota or exceed it in regards to a secondary education.

Montana’s Avatar
Montana Apr 10 379 views

Why does every job listing seem fake, never respond, or always seems to be going for people with 15+ years of experience?

Job applying tips, anything helps. I'd prefer something in any remote field, but it seems anything available is swiped up immediately or out of my experience range when it's just customer service.