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Fahmida Jannat Apr 15 844 views

Going down the right track ?

Hey there, I'm going to study electrical engineering at a top university abroad (t30) and plan to take a minor in applied AI in my second year. So for this, I have started working on Python, Java, and C++ (as I have already completed C back in high school) and plan to work on VHDL afterwards...

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Promise Apr 13 512 views

How do i become a computer scientist and an IT personnel?

It consultant and a computer scientist

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Oct 30, 2016 799 views

I enjoy playing video games and am considering becoming a video game designer. Is it better to go in to a regular computer science degree or some other specialized computer or graphics program?

There are many schools that offer computer science degrees but not as many that offer video game design as a major. What option is better for a career in this field? #engineer #computer #software #it

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Jamie Apr 17 433 views

What are some good starter jobs for IT?

I am really intersted in computer-science and I am confident I want some sort of job in IT someday. It would be really nice to have some sort of idea of what job I could/should start off with.

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Paymahn Apr 17 489 views

I'm interested in coding and computers but I have not been informed about what jobs include these attributes?

I want to learn more about what jobs would be good fits for me and my style of work. I would like to know more about what kinds of opportunities would be a good fit for me. A job that includes coding and computers would be a nice fit for my style of working but I don't know which exact jobs...