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Emilka Jun 20 255 views

If I'm interested in pursuing medicine what kind of jobs should I get as a teen?

I'm a highschooler interested in medicine and I was wondering if the job I get has to be related to this. I'm going to try and do volunteering this summer along with babysitting but what job should I get? I was thinking an acai bowl shop but I'm not sure if that will be okay.

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Emilka Jun 15 406 views

Do colleges look at regents grades?

I just took a regents exam which is required in my state and I didn't get my grade yet but I know I did really bad I boxed off questions which I shouldn't have and will now get the whole question wrong. Do colleges look at my score or just my gpa? (The regents was in a subject thats not even...

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Emilka Jun 06 478 views

What are the requirements to take AP Biology?

I moved to a new school 2 years ago and they couldn't put me in advanced for sciences due to me being a new students. I really want to be in this class in 2 years and I'm taking normal biology right now. I'm not sure what I have to do since I'm not in advanced.

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Emilka Jun 06 1986 views

What are some good colleges besides ivy-leagues that are good for a biology major?

Trying to look into some!

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Emilka Jun 04 515 views

What classes should I take in high school if I want to become a pediatrician?

I currently take biology, algebra 1, english honors, and honors world history what should I take for the rest of high school.