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Caitlyn Oct 31, 2016 884 views

I'm currently a senior in high school and plan to get a masters in Biomedical engineering. If i want to work in prosthetics, would mechanical engineering or materials science be a better undergrad degree?

I fell in love with engineering early on in my high school career but finding the right engineering field is a challenge. There are so many that appeal to me. I spent time at a biomedical engineering company over the summer and they are working on tissue regeneration and I found it fascinating,...

Mohamed’s Avatar
Mohamed Oct 26, 2016 920 views

Would a Biomedical Engineer recommend getting a Biomedical Eng. degree or get a Mechanical engineer degree and move laterally to the biomedical field?

Considering Both options as I get apply to engineering programs. #engineering #mechanical-engineering #biomedical-engineering

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Oct 28, 2016 1231 views

Are biodemical engineers highly needed in the STEM field?

I was looking at a few statistics online, and came across a few websites that listed stem careers in demand. Most of the are software developers , computer programmers and mechanical engineers. I'm a woman going into the biomedical engineering field and was concerned about all the hard work and...