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Darlen A. May 30, 2016 600 views
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Angelina P. May 11, 2017 624 views

What is the best way to answer those "worst flaw" questions at an interview?

I know that you aren't supposed to say "I don't have any flaws" or "My biggest flaw is that I am a hard worker", but I don't know what the best answer would be. Are companies looking for people who say "My biggest flaw is _____, but I have done this, that, and the other thing, to improve it."...

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aesha P. Jul 01, 2017 812 views

i am graduate in interior designing , can i do my masters in ui / ux designing!?

as I was a creative kid I choose to do interior designing after 12th science, but I did have an interest in graphic design too and I used to design logo's and visiting cards side by side, now that I am done with my graduation I wanna do my Post graduation in UI / UX design . can i do that?...

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Computer programmer or software engineer degree

Hello, I have recently discovered what I want to do with my life.,But I can't decide which one would best help me. I want to be a developer for a company like Microsoft, Apple, or IBM, working on operating systems and such, so I began looking around online and I cannot figure out which...

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Cindy L. Jul 25, 2017 859 views

What's your weakness?

College student seeking internship position. Well, no one is perfect, we all have weakness. During the interview, I found this question a bit tricky. I would like to know how you approach this kind of question. What does HR really want to know from this question? #interview #hr...

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