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What is the one piece of career advice you wish someone gave you when you were younger?

What I needed the most to know was this importance of the Values, What is more important before starting any carrear is to know what is beneficial for us as a perso ,and taking values in account are the most important fact on live. Because values are free resourses that will add meaning to our lives making the good ground for those seeds we want to plant, to be succesfull in live and career start inside, of you when you start taking into you those personal values as : Love Aceptance, thankfulness, Affection, Friendship, Fortitude, Introvertion, Intuition, Meaning, Fairness, Challenger, Learning,Conviviality, Daring, Courtesy Expontaneous, Meaning, Care, Valor, Wittiness, Trust, Hopefulness, Inner Strength, Commun Sense, Focus, Conviction, Logic, Cooperation, Warmheartedness, Fearlessness, Unity, Victory, Vision, Willfulness, Responsability, Friendlyness, Flexibility, Self respect, Respect, Vitality, Bravery, Worthyness, Temperance, Thoughtfulness, Vivacity, Thrift, Youthfulness,(even when you think you are getting older) Endurance,Diligence, Tranquility, Watchfulness, Generosity, Team work,Entertaintment, Discipline, Ethics, Enthusiasm, Enviromentalism, , Underestanding, Tidiness, Truth, Excitement,Happiness, Transcendence, Dignity, Wisdom, Stability Decisiveness, kindness, Desire, Direction, Trustworthiness, Peace, Spirituality, Faith, Honesty, Justice, Inner harmony, Prudence, growth,Leadership,cheerfulness,, Loyalthy, Fun, Altruism,Creativity, Compassion, Determination, Fairness,Hard work, Honor, Humilithy, Curiousity, Boldness, Balance, Authenticity, Achievement, Autonomy. Contribution,Reliability, Capability, self control,self reliant, motivation Courage and much more are cualities to take in account and to develope in our selves allways and before starting a carrear then we can believe in our selves because we have, then many reasons to succes taking as greate importance the Human values in our lives, and no metter wich Carear you choose you gonna be succesfull and everything will run fine if you take those values deep and constantly on your heart, soul, and mind, because you have clear that you are a grate and greate, Human being and Every carrear you shosse will be perfect because you put those Cualities in practice.

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Answer to: What langauge courses would be most beneficial to study in university?

Hi Ashley You can select the languages you like to learn, just that the Spanish, Chinese, japanish are some of the most needed at the moment it will encrease your possibilities to succed in your future Career and that´s the reason why is sujested at the universities as preferable to study ,...

Answer to: How can i become an actress at 24 when i have a degree in engineering?

It is very interesting to combine two careers and the good thing is that you will be very well prepare because now the world is more multi task and multi career oriented so you can always organized your time to have small acting courses during any weekend or any vacation also get some tips in...

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