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Ashley Dec 06, 2017 780 views

What langauge courses would be most beneficial to study in university?

Most universities (that I have seen) require a language as a part of your study program. Are there any languages that are preferred by employers or should be considered more (i.e. ASL, Chinese, Spanish..) or can it just be our preference? Thank you!
#foreign-languages #university #language #college

Caylin’s Avatar
Caylin Sep 28, 2017 838 views

What are some sites to look at for scholarships?

Money gets tight, when you are in college. #scholarships #grants

Kerisha’s Avatar
Kerisha Feb 28, 2017 3054 views

How can i become an actress at 24 when i have a degree in engineering?

I've always wanted to become an actress but since I was academically strong, I chose engineering. However my passion hasn't died down but I don't have much experience either. I'm also an Indian female from South Africa and I haven't had the financial means to pursue acting even as a hobby. I...

Mandy’s Avatar
Mandy May 26, 2016 798 views

Is it better to go to a college for their offered scholarships or to go to a college that may be more prestigious?

I am caught between two colleges. Both are of equal consideration, however one has offered more aid than the other. However, this is at the cost that other college is ranked higher for my interested field. #college #scholarships