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Victoria Apr 20, 2018 1218 views

What is the difference between a Bachelor's in Accounting and a Bachelor's in Business Administration with Emphasis in Accounting?

I am asking this question because certain institutions offer one or the other and I was wondering if they are the same degree essentially (or is there a difference). I would love to hear from professionals from both sides. I am interested in becoming an accountant and I would like to choose a...

Hamid’s Avatar
Hamid Aug 24, 2016 1199 views

How hard is it to get accepted to UC Berkley and what gpa and SAT/ACT is required or normally accepted?

I am a junior in high school. I am looking to apply to colleges next summer and just wanted to get a heads up to see what I was aiming for. #college #university #berkeley #uc

elissa’s Avatar
elissa Oct 31, 2016 1230 views

Gap Years: Are they worth the hype?

The New York Times discussed Malia Obama's contribution to a 'growing and expensive' gap year trend. Is a gap year a good decision for students who want to learn what life has to offer or is it just a waste of time? Taking into account that a student would do some type of volunteering or...

Mounia’s Avatar
Mounia Feb 21, 2017 1104 views

When you are on an interview, are there any red flags to look out for from a potential employer?

Should I watch out for certain questions that they ask? Is there anything you have learned in hindsight from an interview that should have paid more attention to? #job-search #interviews #job-search-strategies