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Hi Tristan,It's always great to be reflective but remember it isn't about how long, but how well. Colonel Sanders (founder - Kentucky Fried Chicken), started his business after the age of 40. People change careers all the time. I won't say it is easy, but it is certainly possible. So think...

Active Mar 03 '18 at 02:22 AM
Posted by Fola Fadero’s Avatar Fola F.

Early in my career my legs would turn to jelly every time I was due to give a presentation! I found some techniques that always helped which I can share with you:Breathe: About 5 deep breaths (using your nose to inhale and mouth to exhale) can be very calming.Find a friendly face in the...

Active Feb 12 '18 at 03:05 AM
Posted by Fola Fadero’s Avatar Fola F.

Research the organization online and be ready to link some of your answers to any of the company's initiatives. For example, if the organization's values are on their website you can ask yourself which of the values resonate and think of ways you can express this at interview. Ensure you use...

Active Feb 12 '18 at 02:59 AM
Posted by Fola Fadero’s Avatar Fola F.

It might be a good way of starting off if your resume is brand new. I have used a CV clinic before, very early in my career, and I have built on it ever since. Beware of those who charge an arm and a leg for something you could have easily done yourself though - look out for promotions and for...

Active Feb 06 '18 at 02:58 AM
Posted by Fola Fadero’s Avatar Fola F.

I would recommend having a LinkedIn profile and keeping in touch with co-workers that way. LinkedIn is a very useful networking resource and will enable you to build more and more contacts as you progress with your...

Active Feb 06 '18 at 02:51 AM
Posted by Fola Fadero’s Avatar Fola F.
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