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Lead System-Engineer at AT&T
St. Louis, MO
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Arturo S. Oct 29, 2016 645 views

Is a Computer Science bachelor's degree worth it?

I've heard the market is getting saturated, so I'm just wondering if there would even be jobs in that field by the time I graduate. #computer-science #computer-programming...


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Nilan L. Aug 30, 2018 213 views

How difficult is the road to a Computer Science degree?

I want to get a bachelors degree in Computer Science and I would like to know how rigorous the classes are moving forward. #college...


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Omar C. Aug 01, 2019 245 views

1. What do you like about your career?

Learning about computer technology in Job Corps in San Jose, CA, U.S.A. #computer #technology...


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Anina H. Aug 02, 2019 210 views

How much of the time is a backend software engineer actually writing code?

I'm a CS major in college and I am about to finish up a 12-week internship in backend software engineering at a division of a very large tech company. I'm a little surprised at what % of my internship was actually spent writing code: just about 3 of the 12 weeks. The other 9 weeks were mostly...

#software-engineering #software-development #web-development #backend-development #programming #python

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Stephanie A. Aug 19, 2019 312 views

What is you work ethic like?

My work ethic is very organized, hard worker, and I love to being on time. But most importantly I personally believe if you’re passionate about your job then your work ethic will be fantastic. #work...


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Hector C. Aug 28, 2019 217 views

Which language should i start with in learning code?

Just starting to learn code going to college for computer programming #computer-programming...


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Advik N. Feb 13, 2020 146 views

How can I join this volunteer program?

I really love computer science and coding. I want to major in computer science and I would love this opportunity to try and get myself accustomed to programming. I would love to volunteer and try to help out others in coding. I also see this as an opportunity to learn more about computer...