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Bianca May 28, 2019 417 views

Do you need a degree for the paramedic academy ?

#law-enforcement #criminal-justice

emily’s Avatar
emily Oct 23, 2020 933 views

What are skills needed to work in Human Services?

#human-resources #social-work #social-services

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aerion Oct 22, 2020 354 views

what types of classes would i take?

what type of classes would i take to become a neurosurgeon? #classes

Yasmin’s Avatar
Yasmin Jan 24, 2018 940 views

What are some careers available in social justice and social activism for immigration? Do I have to become an immigration lawyer to help?

I'm currently a high school senior on my way to college. And immigration is a topic I'm passionate about. I'm very interested in pursuing a career in social justice that will improve and impact the lives of immigrants living within our country. I know that many people tend to pursue careers in...

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Greta Jan 16, 2018 660 views

What are some good choices for majors in college if I want to make an impact in my lifetime regarding he many social issues at the forefront in our society today, mainly human sex trafficking and the issue surrounding global internal displacement ?

I want my time in school to be spent learning how l can make a difference and have an impact in the world I live in. I want to live my life knowing I am helping to make the world a better place.
#social-justice #social-activism #political-science #sociology