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Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa Feb 17, 2017 1103 views

How do employer's really see an applicant with a disability?

I have a tracheotomy and although I am familiar with the laws pertaining to those who are disabled, do employers actually consider hiring you if you are disabled in the back of their minds? I have been out of work for a while due to my issue, but finally have the situation under control. I...

Mary Margaret’s Avatar
Mary Margaret Aug 09, 2016 1705 views

How does an aspiring Recreation Therapist gain work field experience?

I'm a Masters student studying Therapeutic Recreation in the fall at Texas State. I am looking for ways in which I can enrich my knowledge of the TR field, while also making myself more marketable for internships/future therapist positions.

Jessie’s Avatar
Jessie May 20, 2016 1228 views

What are some options for work as a Recreation Therapist?

This is my major and I'm interested in seeing where people work in this field! #therapy #recreation #therapeutic-recreation #physical-therapy #science #career #career-counseling #athletics

Trenton’s Avatar
Trenton Aug 15, 2018 527 views

What kind of health profession did you choose and why?

Looking for ideas of what to become. #health #doctor #nurse #surgeon