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Dayalis P. Nov 08, 2019 80 views

What is Semantic HTML?

#definition#technology #programming #programmer #computer...


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Tsz Ho Y. Feb 13 138 views

Should I learn Python or R or other programming language?

I'm a college student in Economics and Finance. Right now I am quite good at Excel VBA and I want to learn one more programming language to give me an advantage in finding jobs. It seems to me that Python and R have their own strengths and weaknesses but I'm not too sure about it. #job-search...

#python #economics #finance #programming

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Patrick B. Mar 13 71 views

Where is a good place to start?

As a high school student with the goal to life the dream I would like to know where a good entry level job would be for a new game developer. I do have the ability to learn quickly and think creatively but not to the point where I wan to go inde #software . #gamedev #technology...


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Aun M. Mar 17 110 views

Which Web Developer role or Stack is higher in demand, Front-End, Back-End or Full-Stack? Why?

This question intrigues me since I've believed that back-end has always had a higher barrier to entry to the mathematics behind it, and front-end being for those who have a knack for design, making front-end usually more popular, however, with varying responses on the internet I'm slightly...

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