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Richard Pogue

Account Executive
Management Occupations - Sales and Related Occupations
Scottdale, Georgia
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David Oct 25, 2019 415 views

what do you like the most in the job?



Peter’s Avatar
Peter Sep 18, 2019 552 views

What are current job prospects for HVAC?

#job #job-search #technology #career

Azalea’s Avatar
Azalea Sep 11, 2019 502 views

Was a degree of any sort necessary for you to obtain your current position ?

I am a IT student currently studying for certifications within the field.

Kiana’s Avatar
Kiana Nov 04, 2019 2075 views

What are three informational interview questions should I ask?

#interviews #business #job-application #recruiting

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Angel Aug 12, 2018 909 views

How do I stop procrastinating

#help I can never seem to stop procrastinating and its a bad habit

Kilulay’s Avatar
Kilulay Nov 04, 2019 943 views

What's the best ways to act during a job interview?

I'm mostly a talkative in a way that will may some how sound smart. #career

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Gustavo Sep 06, 2019 560 views

What does it take to become a teacher/educator?

My name is Gustavo and I’m a senior at Brennan Highschool, I want to work as a teacher and teach young children or young adults. #teacher #education #educator

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jace Oct 24, 2019 827 views

how much should i get paid for being a cop


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Horizon Nov 07, 2019 819 views

What is the most difficult thing about your job?

#job #career

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Gerardo Nov 05, 2019 452 views

Did you go to school?

Do I need education for every job. #education #college