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Wesley H. Oct 27, 2015 1231 views

What skills do I need to be an engineer

i want to know what skills I need for engineering #engineering #engineer #skills #fun...


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Rasbin S. Sep 09, 2016 637 views

can I still go for it ?

can I go for aeronautic engineering in masters level even if I had taken automobile engineering in bachelors level. #professor #mechanical-engineering #aerospace-engineering #aeronautics...


Gloria S.’s Avatar
Gloria S. Sep 24, 2016 690 views

What are the most important abilities and skills required for mechanical engineering?

I would like to know what sort of abilities and skills to work on before pursuing mechanical engineering. I want to prepare myself and know what I am doing before anything happens. I like to plan a lot of things out in that sense. I want to know the big picture that is mechanical engineering....

#help #mechanical-engineering #skills #abilties #advice

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Joseph T. Mar 20, 2018 671 views

What are a few of the most versatile engineering degrees?

I plan on going into the field of engineering but there are so many choices that I am having difficulty finding out the best degree for the job market. #engineering...


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Aubrey H. Mar 20, 2018 249 views

Why is it so confusing getting student loan information?

I find a lot of information about why private student loans are the worst way to go to pay for school, but as the last of 8 kids in my family I need to pay my way through college. I received a good package from my school, but there is still a gap and it seems like no one from my financial aid...

#studentloans #privateloans #financialaid #finacialadvice

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Sidney M. Mar 21, 2018 283 views

Good place for financal aid?

Where is a good place to find financial aid so that transferring to a 4 year school doesn't drowned me in debt?...