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Regan D. Feb 25, 2020 153 views

How can I get professionals to give feedback on a written research proposal?

I have completed a research proposal for my honors program and would love feedback on it from someone with knowledge on nuclear energy and education. #research #nuclear-energy...


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Aleksandra B. Jul 29, 2020 153 views

How did you know you wanted to pursue a chem/bio PhD?

Currently, I just finished my first year at Northeastern as a Biochemistry major. I have some experience as a research assistant and would like to volunteer in a lab next semester. I am premed, but there is still some time to think about grad school. I am very interested in research as well,...

#phd #july20 #chemistry #chem #bio #biology #gradschool #research

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Jon K. Mar 12 57 views

What are good things to consider for graduate school if I want to be a research physicist

I am a Junior at RIT, and I want to be a research physicist, but I'm not sure what are some good things to consider when thinking about graduate school. How important is it that I know what I want my career to be right now? Is it ok to switch programs mid-way through? #college #science...