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Robin K. Apr 08, 2017 460 views

What path in highschool would I take to become an ESL teacher?

I always saw teaching English as a second language to be really interesting, I've wanted to do it for as long as I can remember. Going to south korea or Japan to teach English would be amazing, but I know I would be alright with doing it in Canada too. I don't know what courses I would have to...


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Kennedy L. Nov 20, 2019 177 views
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Emmalyn D. Mar 12, 2020 168 views

What are some temporary jobs that can prepare teachers for their careers?

I am a high school senior aspiring to be a high school teacher....


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Simone M. Apr 05, 2020 276 views

I do not know what my career should be

Hello, I am in college and am unsure of what my career should be. I hate math and science, so I know that the STEM field is not for me. I do like helping others and am considering education. The only issue I have with being a teacher is that the pay is low, and I am constantly told that that...

#college #teaching #education #teacher

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Carly D. Apr 15, 2020 175 views

What are good general classes I can take in college?

What are good classes that will allow me to learn about #education #criminal-justice #parks-and-recreation and #enviormenal-studies that will help me decide if I could do this career for the rest of my...

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Amaya V. Apr 22, 2020 190 views

How long will it take me to be a nurse or a teacher

I’m a dancer I love being caring for my friend and family #nursing #education #teacher #nursing...


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Leidy F. Apr 24, 2020 181 views

how is the day to day of pedagogy for preschool ?

I am very interested in this profession «Because it is a noble profession; because it allows us to maintain a certain coherence between what we are, what we want and what we do ». But I would be interested to know what the environment of being a preschool pedagogy teacher is like to get more...

#career #education

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Leslie M. Apr 24, 2020 156 views
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Mae Ling C. Apr 28, 2020 166 views

How should I ask to shadow a professional?

I'm looking to shadow an SLP, but I'm unsure about how to approach them. #speech-pathology #job-shadowing...


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Allison S. May 22, 2020 208 views

What is your best advice for college freshmen?

I am going to be a college freshman this fall. What is your best advice related to academics and career opportunities?...