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lizzie’s Avatar
lizzie May 15 397 views

How do I start an acting career at 13?

Hi! I'm an 8th grader soon to be 14 and soon to be a freshman. I'm in my schools drama class and have done a few plays. I really want to be an actress but don't know where to start. My mom is okay with me getting headshots done but wants me to take theater classes first. I've been interested...

Eanna’s Avatar
Eanna Dec 21, 2023 475 views

Im a Freshman in College prusing a carrer in Texas Parks and Wildlife as a Game Warden . Ive done research on the Academy, but Im not sure how to apply or how I should prepare. Any advice?

I understand the requirements to succeed in the Academy, and what's required to get In. I'm confused on how to apply, and how to better prepare myself. I would also like some advice on any internships that may better prepare me for this field and that would look good on the interview/ Application.

Destiny’s Avatar
Destiny Jun 23, 2023 197 views

What kind of careers will be open to me after I complete my IT management BS How can I make sure I’m a good potential employee for a company? What kind of salary should I expect after graduation??

How can I make sure I’m a good potential employee for a company? What kind of salary should I expect after graduation?

tiffany’s Avatar
tiffany Jun 20, 2023 307 views

How should I start exploring what I want my future to be?

I don't really know what college or career I want. Where should I start? I want to explore my interest but I'm also not really sure about that either.

Jose’s Avatar
Jose Oct 08, 2018 1323 views

Any tips for people going to study computer science?

I want to make sure I learn good study habits and don't fail. I want to keep my head up and follow through my dreams without getting lost. # #computer-science #studying-tips #college

Jose’s Avatar
Jose Oct 08, 2018 589 views

What's one way to improve my college experience?

I am wondering what I could learn from others to better myself on my path to college. What should I try, what should I avoid? #college #college-advice

Shelby’s Avatar
Shelby Jul 10, 2018 688 views

What are some different websites to find scholarships to apply for?

#scholarships #financial-aid

Shelby’s Avatar
Shelby Jul 10, 2018 836 views

How do I get colleges to notice me?

#applyingtocollege #college #admissions #college-applications

Shelby’s Avatar
Shelby May 23, 2018 915 views

What can a Theatre Performance major do to make it easier to find work after college?

#theatremajor #theatre #theater #drama #performing-arts

Shelby’s Avatar
Shelby May 23, 2018 498 views

What are some tips to make the transition from high school to college easier?

I am about to be a senior which means applying to colleges and scholarships. It is very stressful. #transitiontocollege

Charles’s Avatar
Charles Mar 27, 2018 852 views

How can music marketing play into a career involved with high school band and the marching activity?

As an eventual music education major, I have researched possible minors, and one school in particular, UTSA, has a new minor in music marketing. I wanted to know how an experience in music marketing would benefit a career that is still involved in the marching arts activity. #music...

Charles’s Avatar
Charles Mar 27, 2018 924 views

What is the best career in music education other than being a band director?

I love the band activity as a whole, but I am also aware that being a music educator doesn't provide a stable financial ground for a family. I want to know if there is a career in teaching younger people how to tap into their musical abilities other than being a band director. #music...

Zoleda’s Avatar
Zoleda Jan 22, 2018 735 views

If you accept a financial aid award from one college, but decide to go to another college, can you go back and deny the award?

#financial-aid #college-decisions

Zoleda’s Avatar
Zoleda Jan 22, 2018 663 views

If I have received my financial aid reward package already, do you recommend still applying for other scholarships?

#financial-aid #scholarships

Abby’s Avatar
Abby Jan 19, 2018 680 views

How do I receive scholarships to study abroad?

Are there specific scholarships offered solely for the purpose of studying abroad, and if so, where can I find them? I am also wondering how far in advance you should start planning financially for a study abroad trip. #study-abroad #scholarships

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