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Lowry City, Missouri

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Brea’s Avatar
Brea Mar 26 360 views

How do you make a smooth transition from high school to college?

I will be graduating in May and I am finding it hard to prepare for college and I am worrying a lot about how I am going to fit in there considering I have always gone to a very small school and I am very close with my parents who I live with.

Brea’s Avatar
Brea Mar 26 325 views

How do you make the transition from high school to college?

I’ve been at a very small pre k-12 school with a graduating class of about 50 people since pre school. Now going to a university I am struggling to make the transition

Darren’s Avatar
Darren Nov 05, 2023 942 views

why does degrees matter?

why does having a college degree help with getting a job and why does having a highschool diploma matter when trying ti get a good job is that people look for when going to hire

Tayler’s Avatar
Tayler Jan 16, 2018 1121 views

Should I get a laptop for college?

I know alot of students in college uses the computer for taking notes by putting it on vioce type. Which is really smart but the computer I have is really slow on take notes like that. So should I get a new one or should I keep the one I have? #college #computers #laptops #college-prep

Tayler’s Avatar
Tayler Jan 16, 2018 1193 views

Is double majoring a good idea?

I got a $12,000 scholarship to go to an out of state college for Business administration but I want to go to school for Culinary arts as well. Is it a good idea to double major or do I take it one at a time? #culinary #business #college-major #double-major #academic-advising

Amber’s Avatar
Amber Sep 01, 2017 1337 views

What is the best way to plan my college schedule if I want to become a pharmacist?

I am asking this because I would love to become a pharmacist. I would like to know what classes that would help prepare me the best for my future classes.
#pharmaceuticals #pharmacy #pharmacist #pharmacists #medicine #college

Hayden’s Avatar
Hayden Sep 01, 2017 979 views

I am interested in a career in IT, what are some ways I can get started before I get to college?

I've searched around online but I haven't found a direct answer.

Savanna’s Avatar
Savanna Jul 07, 2017 1338 views

What is the best college to go to for radiology?

I've been looking at colleges for radiology but I want to choose the best one.

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