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Mike Rodriguez

Accountant -- Non-Technical Project Manager
Finance/ Mortgage
Dallas, Texas
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Tabitha May 25, 2014 11484 views

Is accounting a good career for someone who doesn't particularly like talking with alot of people?

I need to find a good career and I don't really like being around people all that much. I feel like if I brushed up on my math, I could do a good job in this field. #accounting #accountant

Lucia’s Avatar
Lucia Apr 28, 2020 649 views

What is the best way to achieve your dreams?

I have really big dreams and it’s hard to think that they are possible, What is the best way to stay confident #college #college-advice #bigdreams #art #student

Marie’s Avatar
Marie May 15, 2020 532 views

Thank you!

I know this is for questions but I just want to thank all the professionals for there answers and support
#thank you

Khanya’s Avatar
Khanya Sep 27, 2017 767 views

If I was to become an accountant, what would my hours/overall job task look like? Is that something that would solely be dependent on the specific job I took?

I'm thinking about majoring in accounting or somewhere in that field, and I just need reassurance that I'll actually be able to do it. I don't want to get myself into anything I'll later want to get out of. Thanks :)

Adalberto’s Avatar
Adalberto Apr 05, 2019 7140 views

What is the most challenging aspect of being an accountant?

#accounting #accountant

David’s Avatar
David Apr 21, 2020 3465 views

How has COVID-19 impacted your career as an accountant?

#accountant #accounting #business #finance

Mireya’s Avatar
Mireya Oct 04, 2019 889 views

shopuld i continue with college

#finance #accounting #business

Dulce’s Avatar
Dulce Dec 06, 2019 662 views

Can I get good benefits in this carrer?

#accountant #college #accounting

Dalillah’s Avatar
Dalillah Oct 08, 2019 303 views

What all does it take to become a special agent ?

Currently in Job corps seeking advice

Maria’s Avatar
Maria Aug 11, 2018 491 views

Is it hard owing money to your college while working??

#education #money #finance

Greysen’s Avatar
Greysen Aug 12, 2018 803 views

What should I go to school for to work in a nonprofit?

I am really interested in working in a nonprofit, maybe something that has to do with LGBT, kids, or human rights. I think I would be interested in being a therapist of some sort within the organization. I was just wondering what would be suggested for me to go to school for to major in, and...