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ernesto R. Sep 13, 2019 140 views
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Tylar M. May 22, 2020 196 views

How can I earn money during quarantine at home?

I´m 12 and I´d like to be productive with my time....


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kristin B. Jun 01, 2020 291 views

What type of part time seems good enough for a beginner?

I have some work experience through a program in high school, but never really got a job on my own ever. I'm just curious about what is the best part-time job is there for me. I got a high school diploma and right now going to college. It's summer, and I plan to save up for some money. #job...


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holden D. Jun 01, 2020 209 views

can i be a delivery driver?

#helper i like riding my e...

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Effie M. Jun 12, 2020 762 views

How should someone with no programming or coding background and knowledge start programming and coding?

Are there certain websites for learning? What subjects should I start with? Which languages are the most beginner friendly? #programming #coding #technology...