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Amina Jan 21, 2021 722 views

Do I have a chance at becoming a medical doctor after 13 years of a statistics degree?

I have always wanted to be a medical doctor, factors beyond me made me pursue a BSc. in Statistics and i graduated over 13 years ago. Although, I have lost a lot of years, I now want to pursue that dream of becoming a medical doctor. Do I have a chance? I am trying to apply for a pre med...

Daniela’s Avatar
Daniela Aug 21, 2020 656 views

Whats the most important thing you have learned from medical school?

#high-school #school #schools #medicine #medical #medicalfield

Henry’s Avatar
Henry May 05, 2020 499 views

What kinds of doctors are becoming obsolete due to increases in technology?

#medicine #doctor #medical #science

Robert’s Avatar
Robert Apr 23, 2020 474 views

Does my major matter for med school?

#premed #medical

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Apr 10, 2020 899 views

What does a typical day in the life of an epidemiologist look like?

I’m a high school junior considering a career as an epidemiologist. I’ve looked on many websites trying to see how one might spend their typical workday but have gotten mixed responses (spending the day doing math/statistics, field work, lab tests, etc.) . I’m curious to know my potential work...

Essie’s Avatar
Essie Apr 14, 2020 460 views

What do I have to do to get into Orthopedic surgery?

I am interest in medicine and I want to know how long it takes to go into certain fields of medicine. If you have anything else to add about Orthopedic surgery, let me know! #medicine #doctor #healthcare #medical #surgery

Amy’s Avatar
Amy May 04, 2020 674 views

Preparing for grad school in Epidemiology

I am a second-year college student interested in getting a Ph.D. in Epidemiology. Is this a good field to go into? What should I do in college to prepare for grad school in epidemiology--should I take graduate-level classes if they are available to undergrads at my school? Is doing an honors...