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Gwen T. Feb 29, 2020 272 views

Dealing with burnout?

I dealt with serious burnout from one of my classes last semester. We had so much material to learn weekly and the tests were brutal, plus I was working part-time during the week. Has anyone else dealt with it and what strategies did you use to fight it/deal with it? college...


Isabelle B.’s Avatar
Isabelle B. Jun 03, 2020 1027 views

What do you wish you knew before going to college and deciding your major?

I have one more year left of high school and am currently looking into colleges and majors to decide where I will be applying to in the fall. As excited as I am for the future, I am very new to all of this and want to make the right decisions when it comes to paying for college, choosing the...

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Mochi Y.’s Avatar
Mochi Y. Jun 10, 2020 1667 views

What is a perfect career for me?

career-choice career career-path I am a fifth grader going to 6th grade and I don't know what to do. My dad is pressuring me to choose my career and find a colleg, but how do I know what I want to do for...

Jowell M.’s Avatar
Jowell M. Jun 10, 2020 1045 views

Any advice for a upcoming college freshman?

I will be attending Old Dominion University majoring in Cytotechnology college...