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CareerVillage Office Hours May 03 192 views

How to become an actuary, and what topics are mainly needed to pursue that career?

I’m, a senior in high school that likes mathematics and I would want to use mathematics in my future job.

Note: this question was asked anonymously by a student

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Tejasvi Dec 19, 2022 301 views

What is it like being an actuarial scientist?

What is it like being an actuarial scientist? What does the typical day consist of? Do you enjoy your job? Is it hard?

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John Mar 02, 2021 398 views

If I decide a year or two after enrolling in college, will it be too late to switch to actuarial science?

Unsure if I will like actuarial science

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Kennady Oct 26, 2020 341 views

How many jobs have you gone through with math education under your belt?

#mathematics #math #jobs

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Zoe Jul 18, 2020 616 views

What is the daily life of an actuary like?

I'm a sophomore studying economics in college. I'm interested in a career in actuarial science, but I'm not sure what's the work of an actuary like. Can an actuary explain what's your daily job like? Thank you!

#JULY20 #actuary

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Colin Aug 29, 2018 758 views

What is the path for an actuary after college?

More schooling? Testing? Internship? #actuary #careerpath

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Ritvik Jun 19, 2020 1259 views

What careers and jobs are available for me if i am interested in mathematics?

#engineering #math #career-path