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C L. Jul 18, 2020 558 views

How do you overcome imposter syndrome?

As a self-taught web developer, I often wonder whether I am competent enough to apply for web developer jobs that typically require a degree in Computer Science & require 2+ years (or more) of relevant work experiences for junior web developer position. The requirement section in the job...

#impostersyndrome #softskills #july20 #hr #humanresource #coding #technology #career #interview-prep #careeradvice #jobpost #webdevelopment #technicalskills

Jinah L.’s Avatar
Jinah L. Jul 19, 2020 1016 views

Which minor would be most helpful for a job in the fashion industry?

I'm pursuing a major in Economics and want to enter the fashion industry some way in the future. Which major would you recommend? #majors-and-minors #fashion #career...


Indhu H.’s Avatar
Indhu H. Jul 23, 2020 188 views

In a world where passion has been overtaken by gluttony, what do you think is important while finalizing a career choice, money or passion?

Being a indecisive person myself, how can I ensure I take calculated risks in a career I'm passionate about and acquire financial stability and independence. The bitter truth about my career choice is it's low income and I would like to have a perfect work life balance, so how can I make money...

#july20 #life

Ted Y.’s Avatar
Ted Y. Jul 23, 2020 209 views

I'm thinking that I want to study something more technical in university (next fall), but I don't know how to choose a more specific topic

Whenever I mention this, people sort of assume I'm looking for a pure hard science like just chemistry or just math or they assume Engineering, which I know is a very broad topic. How do I narrow it down to a more specific field? Has anyone had this problem and had a good method for finding out...

#major #university #undecided

olive P.’s Avatar
olive P. Jul 27, 2020 750 views

How do you “sell yourself” without sounding arrogant in an interview or application?

I normally have plenty of accomplishments that can fit “experience” or what ever it is being asked. But I always have a hard time listing them because I absolutely hate bragging. #interviews #interviewing-skills #student #high-school...


Kumar P.’s Avatar
Kumar P. Jul 27, 2020 603 views


Would you find an APICS CPIM certification, or a CSCP certification, to be more useful? Which is more in-demand by more employers? Which enables more career flexibility? Which most easily translates to project manager experience? #manufacturing #supplychain #planning...