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Landover Hills, MD
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I want to graduate high school with some experience in copywriting. At least a little bit to start off my portfolio. Or maybe become an investigative or criminal journalist.


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g L. Oct 21, 2020 372 views

Is a business management class worth it?

Im in eighth grade and I want to be a copywriter (in advertising). Right now applications for high school are open. My local high school offers some good programs and has a lot of departments for kids wanting to pursue a career in business, technology and media arts. I wanted to know if a...

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g L. Sep 11, 2020 927 views

What does the inactivity fee mean for an M1 finance brokage account

My sister is investing $100 in the stock market but she wants to know if she will get fined if she has $19 or less in her M1 brokage account and has not bought or traded stocks in 90 + days. (This is after the $100 has been spent). #marketing #finance #business #accounting #financial-accounting...

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g L. Sep 10, 2020 296 views

Is Atlanta a good place to do Public Relations?

I am planning on going to college in Atlanta after I graduate high school because that's where I want to live. I'm a bit skeptical because I don't know if places in Atlanta or Georgia as a whole have god public relations jobs... #marketing #communication #business #public relations #placestolive