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Vignesh’s Avatar
Vignesh Apr 20, 2016 899 views

What kind of role in team leader of Head of the team member

I don't know the role of Team Leader....Plz Tell #manager

Nicole’s Avatar
Nicole Aug 31, 2017 1267 views

I'm nervous about my future.

Is it normal to have anxiety over the future? #anxiety #anxiety-management #life-coach #career-counseling

Angelina’s Avatar
Angelina Feb 02, 2017 1380 views

Is it worse to be too friendly or not friendly enough?

Just wondering! #business #medicine #teaching #healthcare #law #marketing-and-advertising #customer-service

Itzel’s Avatar
Itzel Aug 31, 2020 739 views

I'm in a Community College but I dont know what I want to major in.

I would like to travel around the world and explore new places, earn money and be able to help others. I'm not sure what I want to major in and its stressing me out. I'm also afraid to choose the wrong career. How can I know exactly what I want? And what classes should I take if I'm undecided?...

Ester’s Avatar
Ester Oct 09, 2020 650 views

I don't what job I'm good at I wanna be a nurse but I'm scared I will fail

I'm 18 and out of school and looking for a good and a permanent job that I will enjoy I love helping people I really want to be a nurse but I'm scared I won't pass the test in college or I would to work in an office in all I really don't know what I'm good at #nursing

Kiera’s Avatar
Kiera May 21, 2018 531 views

How long does it take for college students get their dream jobs after they graduated?

I just want to see the time management after college.