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Claiborne’s Avatar
Claiborne Oct 28, 2015 1406 views

How would i get into a law school?

I want to take up law enforcement #law #law-enforcement

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Mar 08, 2017 1184 views

What career do I major in in order to become a prosecutor?

In college what do I major in? And what would be a good minor? #law-enforcement #prosecutor

Trinity’s Avatar
Trinity Feb 08, 2017 1148 views

What degrees do you have to have in order to get started in law enforcement?

Law enforcement is a career I am interested in. I know I'm going to college so I need to know what degrees I would need to get started in law enforcement. #police #criminal-justice #law-enforcement

Bruce’s Avatar
Bruce Feb 08, 2017 2378 views

What are the qualifications needed to become a police officer?

I am interested in becoming a police officer someday. What are the necessary qualifications in order for me to be able to achieve my dream of becoming a police officer? Thanks! #police #law-enforcement #police-academy

Amanda’s Avatar
Amanda Nov 03, 2016 1429 views

I am a Freshman in college and majoring in criminal justice, but not sure if that is the right move for me. How should I find out if something else would be better? I am really stuck and getting frustrated.

I am majoring in criminal justice with a concentration in law enforcement. I really like the crime shows and understand most of the things going on in my CJ classes. Although, I do not have the feeling as if this is my dream job. I need some advice as to what I could do to see if something...

edgar ’s Avatar
edgar May 17, 2016 1118 views

What types of positions does the FBI offer?

There are agents obviously but also computer-positions... what else? #law-enforcement #federal-government #fbi #federal-agent

Diandre'’s Avatar
Diandre' May 05, 2016 1282 views

Could I go straight into Law Enforcememt, when I get out of high school?

I am an explorer and is trying to set my career path #law #police #law-enforcement

Jacky’s Avatar
Jacky May 28, 2016 1454 views

How can going to college help me advance my career in law enforcement?

I am thinking about a career in law enforcement and since many positions only require a high school diploma I was wondering if going to college or a university can help me get a higher rank in law enforcement. #police #law-enforcement

Diandre'’s Avatar
Diandre' May 05, 2016 859 views

Is there any required college courses to become a detective?

I am an explorer and is trying to set my career path #law #police #law-enforcement

Eric’s Avatar
Eric Mar 05, 2014 4307 views

How do you keep your composure while in stressful situations on the job?

I am in the 11th grade. I have family members in in law enforcement and I am really interested in the field. I want to know what it takes to be a police officer. #police #law-enforcement

Montana’s Avatar
Montana Oct 23, 2015 1361 views

As a detective would I have to go through different stages in law enforcement?

My name is Montana Goodman and I am looking into being a detective. I was told that if you wanted to be a detective you would have to be an officer of some sort. I am not really that sure if it's true or not? #law #enforcement

Jensen’s Avatar
Jensen Dec 10, 2015 1506 views

what is the starting salary for a police officer in oakland?

I am interested in being a police officer
#law #law-enforcement

jovanny’s Avatar
jovanny May 24, 2016 1023 views

how much do police officers make

so i can save up money #law-enforcement

Keion’s Avatar
Keion Mar 17, 2015 3472 views

I am interested in joining the law enforcement as a Patrol Officer. I would love to know how your experience has been doing the job or working towards it.

As I was growing up till now in 10th grade, I've heard about good and bad police and I would like to be a good cop and help protect people because the feeling that you get from helping others is truly exhilarating. I also like to handle guns, but not to kill other beings. I'm a little nervous...

Ricardo ’s Avatar
Ricardo May 06, 2015 6146 views

To become a police officer do you need to major in criminal justice?

I'm interested in becoming a law enforcement officer and would like to know what type of majors would help me accomplish this. #college #criminal-justice #law-enforcement #police-officer