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Natalie M. May 13, 2016 527 views

How difficult is it to get into the editing business world, and what does it take?

While my ultimate goal is to publish my own novel, I really want to have a career as an editor....


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Evan C. May 24, 2016 624 views

Is it easier to get your own book published or to become a journalist for a newspaper/magazine?

I'm really conflicted about what I want to do in regards to my career. Like, the broad idea is pursue an occupation in the writing field, but I just wanted some advice over which one is considered easier. #journalism #writing #english #literature...


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Robert C. Nov 05, 2020 130 views

How hard is it to get an engineering degree?

I'm very interested in becoming an electronics engineering major and I'm curious about how hard classes are and what other classes I should take to help me succeed in getting my degree. #engineering...


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Rhonna S. Nov 05, 2020 120 views

How to pursue being an interior designer

I enjoy creating mood boards for rooms (furniture, wall colors, flooring, accessories), and I enjoy designing rooms for my family members. How did you start your journey of becoming an interior designer? Was it difficult to find a job? If it was hard to get to where you are today, would you do...

#interior #interior-design #careers #design #interior-designer #career-choice #jobs #career

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Laci B. Nov 05, 2020 163 views

What steps should I take to get the career I want?

I'm a sophomore at Miyamura High School, I'm 15 years old. I'm into art, psychology, history, and the subject ; English. I want to become a teacher that teaches abroad. #art #careers #english #psychology #teacher...