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Jenay P. May 08, 2016 486 views

What majors should I take that will give me the skills to become a TV broadcaster, if my college doesn't offer courses for that exact career?

I am going to be an incoming freshman this fall at the University of Northern Iowa. I would like to become a TV broadcaster, but my college doesn't have a set course for that exact major. I would like to get a professional opinion on what communication courses should I take that will help me...

#digital-media #communications #journalism #broadcasting

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Emmalee B. Aug 28, 2018 272 views

What steps should I take to become an editor?

Eventually I want to edit books for a living. Right now I'm a senior in high school. I plan on majoring in English once in college. Where do I go from there? #editor #writing #english...


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Francisco R. Feb 25 100 views

Is being a short story writer a career path?

Being a first generation college student means that I'm going in blind in this. None of my family members ever finished school so if I go and ask them for help/advice they can't give any. School counselors are not much help so I'm turning to the internet. I've never really excelled in anything,...

#college #english #general

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angel O. Mar 19 207 views