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Stacy Hower

Business Operations Director at Dell
Management Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Austin, Texas
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Eric May 19, 2016 70652 views

What is a good answer to the question "what is your greatest weakness"?

During job interviews, the interviewer may ask, "What is your greatest weakness?" This kind of question stupefies me, so I am curious to know what would be a good safe answer to this question. #job #interviews

Kelly’s Avatar
Kelly May 18, 2016 986 views

Do you feel that we as graduates fit your qualifications upon completion of college? Is there areas you see that needs to improve.?

I am currently working on an essay for my english 101 and wonder what your feelings on todays liberal education in our school system and seeing if we are not reaching your qualifications. #career-counseling #school-counseling #english-literature

Anders’s Avatar
Anders May 19, 2016 1443 views

What are the best things to help me discover my passion and career path?

I struggled quite a bit throughout high school and college to find my passion. Not until my senior year in college did I realize that I didn't want to pursue the major I was in any longer. #college #college-major #career-paths #academic-advising #passions

Claudia’s Avatar
Claudia May 07, 2016 1093 views

How much travel is the "perfect" amount?

In the future I hope to work in a position that requires some amount of travel. Based on your experience, how much is too much?
I do hope to start a family in later years. #career #travel

Courtney’s Avatar
Courtney May 10, 2016 1646 views

What advice would you offer to someone who isn't exactly 100% sure what type of career they want to pursue?

I know some interests I have, and possible careers I may be interested in, but I'm not quite sure how to decide or figure out which path is the right one for me. #career #career-path #career-paths #undecided #career-plan

Dan’s Avatar
Dan Apr 28, 2016 1632 views

What are a few jobs at your company that I probably have never heard of?

I have no idea what I want to do, so i'm always trying to learn more about what career options are out there. I want to learn about new careers, ones I probably haven't ever heard of. Any ideas or information would help, thanks. #business #technology #human-resources #career-development

Darrian’s Avatar
Darrian Apr 26, 2016 1062 views

What General Education Class should I take over the summer?

Hello, I am a senior in high school and I am preparing for college. I am taking summer course over the summer at a community college that is worth 3 credits. What GenEd class should i take over the summer? I plan to major in electrical engineering if that makes it easier for an answer....