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Reagan’s Avatar
Reagan Sep 22, 2022 317 views

What types of schooling and tools do i need to become a realtor?

My parents want me to get my college degree but I’m wondering if i need it to become a realtor.

safa’s Avatar
safa Sep 23, 2022 752 views

volunteer hours needed!!

I’m trying to find virtual volunteer opportunities in Ontario, Canada. I can’t find anything though. Does anyone know of anything?


Breaisha’s Avatar
Breaisha Sep 16, 2022 625 views

How can I manage stress now before college?

Before going into college next year fall, I want to make sure I'm fully prepared and know what's coming ahead! A key major to that is stress management

Danessa’s Avatar
Danessa Sep 12, 2022 752 views

what is the best type of places to work during college ?

I will be needing a job when I head off to college.

tamadrey’s Avatar
tamadrey Sep 09, 2022 696 views

What would be a good office or desk job?

I'd like to know what would be a good desk job since I'll be doing an office administration class and i would like some pointers to a good start to a desk job since i don't know where to look yet. Also if i were to go to work at a police station are there any potions that require being at a desk?

Promax’s Avatar
Promax Jun 16, 2021 508 views

Is Medical Billing and Coding a necessary thing for Doctors??

#doctor #doctor #medicine #pharmacy #nurse #medical #surgeon #medicine

thalia’s Avatar
thalia Jun 12, 2021 602 views

what do i need to know before studying art history?

I'm a 11th grader in high school and am interested in pursuing a career within art history but i don't know where to start

#artist #art #history #fine-art #college #arthistory #art history