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Alpharetta, Georgia

Within 40 mile radius
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Trey Feb 20 636 views

How much math is there in Computer Science?

How much math

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Makiyah Feb 16 360 views

How can I get into a good medical school?

health school

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Emily Feb 09 398 views

Is Counseling and Therapy The Same?

My Name is Emily and I want to be a Marriage/Family Therapist One Day. I was just wondering if counseling and Therapy are the same because I am having trouble comparing and Contrasting the two.

Larry’s Avatar
Larry Feb 01 324 views

Why is College important ?

I have been contemplating about pursuing higher education and have a lot of questions about college. I am curious about the application process, the different majors and programs offered, the types of financial aid available, the campus life, and the career prospects after graduation.

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Randy Jan 28 544 views

How to be a full-stack developer?

How to get in back-end development and how to gain the skills to move forward to be a full-stack developer in the future? and is this job so stressful? or more like a fun job?

Makiyah’s Avatar
Makiyah Jan 27 362 views

What can I do to get accepted to a good health care college school?

Those with GPAs greater than 3.79 who also scored above 517 on the MCAT had acceptance rates of 87.8%. While you can still get into medical school with a low GPA, these stats indicate the connection between GPA and MCAT scores and speak to their importance in the selection process.

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Haillie Jan 24 580 views

How do you know when you pick a career, that it's the right one for you ?

How do you know when you pick a career, that it's the right one for you?

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Stephanie Jan 24 649 views

What is the best strategy for finding FinTech Internships since it is still a new and growing industry or what job field should I aim for?

I am a Junior at Kennesaw State University Majoring in Finance and minoring in FinTech.

Michaiah’s Avatar
Michaiah Jan 20 933 views

What is a good college I can go to for business ?

what type of business i should do?

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Leila Jan 15 780 views

How do I prevent all of my artwork from looking the same?

I am a traditional artist with a cartoony take on the anime style. I mainly use graphite pencils.

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Trysten Jan 13 323 views

Can we use inspiration to justify our learning and development ?

I’m a college student and I like to do and try many things, and a desperate need of inspiration.

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Asha-Lee Jan 10 1368 views

What are your best tips for finding economics, finance or fintech internships while in college?

I'm currently a junior at Kennesaw State University pursuing BBA in Economics and Finance with a minor in FinTech.

Morgan’s Avatar
Morgan Jan 07 251 views

How do you start your own film company?

What are the steps to becoming a movie/film director? Where do I go with my ideas?

Leane’s Avatar
Leane Jan 03 738 views

How do you choose which path to take after finishing your B.A.?

I'm currently in my senior year of a Bachelor's degree in Performing Arts (creative writing minor). I've always wanted to do lots of different jobs and I'm still not sure about what I want to do after graduating! I'm thinking of becoming a writer (screenwriter, poet, songwriter). Maybe I should...

Mia’s Avatar
Mia Dec 20, 2023 513 views

How do you become a pathologist and how did you choose your specialization in pathology?

I'm a highschool junior who loves biology and wants to go into the medical field. I have a big fear about college debt but I'm ready to continue to learn and explore the world!

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