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Gloria’s Avatar
Gloria Sep 08, 2016 1044 views

How do I organize myself with keeping my grades up in my classes, studying for the PSAT's, and being in clubs?

I am a rising junior at Kearny High School. School is starting up and I am realizing that things are about to get chaotic for me since I know that I will take the PSAT's and then the SAT's these upcoming months. I am in three honors classes and one AP class; as well as in a few clubs and...

Andrene’s Avatar
Andrene Jul 16, 2021 589 views

How can I find a flexible career which allow me to be more creative / artistic ?

18 year old high school graduate #independent #art #hands-on #creativity #design

Ruan’s Avatar
Ruan Jul 24, 2021 830 views

which career fields suit me

#career #career-choice #career-path

Granny’s Avatar
Granny Jul 25, 2021 641 views

What to do after 10th grade?

My hobbies are to sing, cook and I read novels. #jobs

syris’s Avatar
syris Jul 26, 2021 531 views

how can you help me

i like anime and comics #writing

Anna’s Avatar
Anna Aug 16, 2018 710 views

How can you set yourself apart from other interns?

I hope to land a federal job after college. They offer limited intern positions, and permanent jobs are only offered to a couple of people. How can I prove I would be the best person for the job? #jobs #internship #competitive