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Mike Steel

Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Sales and Related Occupations
Atlanta, Georgia
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Anna Feb 02, 2022 672 views

Master degree courses

can you suggest some courses for doing master's and getting into internship #education #masterdegree#internship

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Jason Feb 02, 2022 360 views

What are some ways to have a better understanding in fashion nowadays?

#fashion #fashion-design #art

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Silvia Feb 02, 2022 386 views

How much does my career pay? How long does my career training last? Where are there better opportunities for my career?

Hello! my name is Silvia and I'm 16 years old, I like to make music, I'm playing Guitar and Piano, I like to sing, I also like cooking and one day I hope to be a chef and start my business #music #music-production #chef.

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Ethan Feb 02, 2022 339 views

Is welding difficult and is it harder the more experience you earn ?

I am also intrigued in learning new things that are not common but I partake in common things as well. (As long as it's not boring). #jobs

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Shaina Feb 06, 2022 660 views

Where could I find scholarships for 2022 in abroad?

I am from the Philippines and I wanna pursue MIS or IS degree this upcoming year preferably English as their medium. #scholarship #study-abroad #college #help

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Brittain Feb 07, 2022 924 views

What is the job of a Public Relations Manager? Are these only in certain fields?

I really enjoy doing public relations activities, and interacting with the public. I hope to continue doing public relations activities, and eventually lead them. While I enjoy doing PR in the emergency services section, I dont really know how PR works in a company or business....

Brittain’s Avatar
Brittain Feb 07, 2022 691 views

How do I become a Fire Department Public Information Officer? What areas have PIOs? What are their specific duties?

I currently serve as a volunteer firefighter in Moosic, Pennsylvania. While I really enjoy the firefighting aspect of the department, I enjoy the public relations activities so much more. Ive done a lot of research into PIOs, and information is hard to come by. I have, however, looked into...

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Monick Mar 11, 2018 545 views

What advice would you give to a new grad interviewing for a first job in healthcare?

#healthcare #graduate-school