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Bryan Feb 02 221 views

What is a career in IT development like?

#computer-science #career

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sam Mar 09, 2016 1010 views

I am doing a school project and i need to interview a computer scientist.

Please help me out if you know or are a computer scientist please ask them to answer these questions or answer these if you are a computer scientist thanks for your help. 1. What is your description of the job? 2. What advice would you give me for this career? 3. What encouraged you to do...

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Howard Mar 25 190 views

what are some projects that a beginner progammer can work on?

I only know python

Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan Mar 25 216 views

What was the first game you created?

This question is mainly for game designers, just trying to see where people usually start off,

Bryan’s Avatar
Bryan Mar 25 199 views

How does someone prepare for a computer science field career?

What are some things that I need to prepare for when I'm looking for a computer science field career? I'm interested in knowing what credential I need, the skills, etc.

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Xiaohui Mar 25 165 views

Want to know the computer science future career

I want to become a coding person in the future. I like to spend time coding with myself. Also, Starting coding can give me a lot of experience to learn what should still improve.