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San Francisco, California
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Career I'm interested in UX developer, video game development and data analyst. I’m interested in psychology, coding , arts, and the environment. I really like back end coding and designing websites. I good at arts and crafts, prop building and origami.


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mia May 11 174 views

Are certificates required or recommended for getting a job?

I have been thinking about trying to get a certificate for coding.

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mia May 08 102 views

What are some recommend coding boot camps?

Any coding language is fine, just wondering what recommended coding boot camps anyone has taken.

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mia May 08 155 views

How do you be a data analyst ?

Is there collaboration as a team?
What do you analyze in your career?
Is there any other requirements to enter this career, example: certification or degrees?

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mia Feb 18 399 views

What are great opportunities to prepare students for college ?

What are great opportunities to prepare students for their careers ?
Just wondering how helpful it is to
try an internship. And other opportunities to help prepare for a career.

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mia Feb 18 2726 views

Any careers that have psychology and computer science?

Is there any careers that are related Psychology and Computer Science?

I'm interested in both psychology and computer science.

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mia Sep 27, 2022 232 views

Career ready questions?

Why do we need to be career ready?
What are the first steps?
How will I plan it?
When does this occur right now?