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Cera Oct 27, 2022 321 views

What should I do to study plants in college if it isn't a main career goal/path?

I love gardening and plants and love learning about them. I took a small horticulture class through 4-H last year, which I really enjoyed. But, I don't plan on doing stuff with plants as a full-time career, I'd like to do it more as a hobby. So, I was wondering what I should do for high school...

Sang’s Avatar
Sang Oct 26, 2022 612 views

What are the education steps I need to take if I am interested in going into the business field?

I want to pursue my career in the business field. I'm wondering what steps must I take in order to become to pursue this passion.

Aspen’s Avatar
Aspen Oct 27, 2022 531 views

How to start Architecture?

I am highly interested in Architectural design and wish to know how to start on the path to a civic architect.