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Haley Nov 02, 2022 143 views

Plant pathology?

I'm interested in plant pathology, what degree in college should I look into?

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Nov 01, 2022 327 views

Jobs in Mathematics?

What jobs involving math make a lot of money?

Gladys’s Avatar
Gladys Nov 02, 2022 204 views

What should I do when a student isn't getting the proper education they should?

How should I know that a student is getting the proper education without being annoying, offensive, or way too curious, even though it is my jobs to make sure they do have that education.

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Nov 02, 2022 197 views

What country is more in tune with science, biology, etc?

What country is more in tune with science, biology, etc?

Isaac’s Avatar
Isaac Nov 01, 2022 132 views

What should I do?

I'm not sure what career path I want to take, I'm stuck between cement masonry, and going to fire school to become a firefighter. I enjoy both but I want a career I know I'll enjoy in the future as well.
What do you think? advice?

Takrim’s Avatar
Takrim Nov 02, 2022 205 views

Procrastination ways to deal with it

1. How does a person stay consistent with anything?

Yariel’s Avatar
Yariel Nov 02, 2022 193 views


How much impact could procrastination have on your mental health or how could it help me get out of bad habits?