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Noah’s Avatar
Noah Aug 05, 2023 410 views

Doctors question?

What do doctors do? How do doctors operate? Why do doctors need help from other doctors? When do doctors get paid? Where do doctors work? Would doctors have to work overnight? What happens when a doctor doesn’t show up to work? Why do doctors work overtime? When do doctors get a break? Where do...

Bryanna’s Avatar
Bryanna Aug 05, 2023 647 views

How do you make a decent essay when applying to colleges?

I'm a 12th grade student in high school who is planning to go to college for veterinary technology. I have no experience into writing personal essays about myself or what I should include in them.

Hadija’s Avatar
Hadija Dec 08, 2022 689 views

What kind of medical jobs could I do during college without an actual degree?

I’m in high school right now, and I just want to know some good next steps during my freshman year of college .