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Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

Within 40 mile radius
ashna’s Avatar
ashna Sep 27, 2023 253 views

How do I find find and win fully funded scholarships as a Pakistani student?

I don't have many achievements, and I am not financially well off but I am really passionate about getting an education. I would love to go abroad for studies but I don't know how to target scholarships and I can't afford to go unless it is fully funded. Is there a way to win such scholarships?...

ashna’s Avatar
ashna Sep 27, 2023 343 views

How important are extracurriculars for admissions in CS in Pakistan, and for Master's abroad, and how do I find extracurriculars with limited opportunities and freedom ?

I feel really overwhelmed by how to find notable extracurricular activities, especially since I am a girl living in Pakistan and have limited freedom as well as limited money. I don't know where to even start to find internships, extracurriculars etc and my college does not offer anything. I...

uzair’s Avatar
uzair Sep 11, 2023 710 views

How to make a portfolio as a digital marketer?

I hope this message finds you well. I'm currently in the early stages of my career in digital marketing and have been fortunate enough to secure internships where I'm involved in various aspects of the field. I'm eager to build a strong portfolio that showcases my skills and expertise while I...

uzair’s Avatar
uzair Jul 12, 2023 311 views

can anyone suggest to me what should be the first step I should take if I want to pursue a career in digital marketing?

i have recently completed my high school and I am now taking a gap year in which I want to do internships to gain practical experience . but I am a bit confused about where to start

Zaeem’s Avatar
Zaeem May 01, 2023 373 views

How can I get remote American internships as a high school student outside of America?

I've been looking for internships for High Schoolers orientated around engineering, but I need help finding them; please assist me with this.

Hasnain’s Avatar
Hasnain Jan 08, 2023 450 views

Remote data engineering and analytics internships?

How can I find remote internships for data engineering, analytics or machine learning roles remotely?

Hasnain’s Avatar
Hasnain Jan 08, 2023 569 views

Trying to change careers?

I have a degree in Computer Systems engineering and job history in the digital services field mostly in UI UX design (minor focused front-end dev) and minor experience as an embedded programming using Python and C/C++. I am really trying to shift gears in to data engineer and analytics, but...

Hassan’s Avatar
Hassan Oct 14, 2022 689 views

Hi, I have completed my BBA(H) but cant find best job now i want to do Msc in mathematics RESEAON is that there are many opportunity in government teaching job can i do msc in mathematics after BBA ?

Hi, I have completed my BBA(H) but cant find best job now i want to do Msc in mathematics RESEAON is that there are many opportunity in government teaching job can i do msc in mathematics after BBA ?

Anas’s Avatar
Anas Nov 17, 2021 1509 views

what is the most challenging thing about being a manager?


Areeba’s Avatar
Areeba May 24, 2021 800 views

How do I pick a college major based on my diverse interests?

I am very interested in bio and computer but I have no interest in chem and physics .I am interested in business studies, economics and accounts and I want a quick degree which takes no more than 3 years.I need advice!!
#business #major #college #economics #CS #biology

Huraima’s Avatar
Huraima Jul 09, 2020 987 views

Is it okay to be a doctor and also a singer or to do sound engineering and singing?

I am from that part of a world where girls are not allowed to join outdoor activity and I am also a muslim I didn't t like my society that much and their perspective I have like another perspective from my whole family and society . They say that you should do doctoring but I want to do singing...

Eisha’s Avatar
Eisha Oct 25, 2019 544 views

Want phd in hospital management

Optometrist #community-management

Jia’s Avatar
Jia Aug 01, 2019 478 views

Can I take Business, computer and physchology in Alevels If I want to pursue Interior desiging in University?

I have done my Olevels and now I have to choose my Alevel subjects but i am confuse what subjects should I take if I want to study interior designing later in university. #college #Needguidance

Kay’s Avatar
Kay Apr 21, 2015 1316 views

what are the different careers that you can take up other than becoming a doctor after completing your inter in pre medical science?

i am asking this question because i want to become a doctor but if in the future i cahnge my mind so is it possible to choose a different career even after completing your inter in pre medical science? #teacher #experience #doctorate #medical-student

Muhammad’s Avatar
Muhammad Aug 10, 2014 5717 views

Is it possible to do Master in Aeronautical Engineering while doing Bachelor in Electrical or Electronic Engineering? Or any other Engineering.

I have done A'levels and expecting my result on Tuesday. In my city there isn't any University offering Aeronautical Engineering, neither Bachelor nor Masters. But I want to do Aeronautical Engineering so, I have thinking to do Bachelor in some field that can help me do Master in Aeronautics....

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