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Gnoraine Sep 18 155 views

What is the best career path I can take?

what is the best career path for me?

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Sophia Sep 19 143 views

What does it take to find your passion?

I have been struggling with finding something that really speaks to me. The things I thought I wanted to do are more difficult than I was anticipating.

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Lily Dec 08, 2022 337 views

How do I figure out what career I want to spend my life doing?

I am a freshman and I want to go to college but if I major in the wrong thing then what? How do I figure out what career I want to pursue based on my interests and what college education I need?

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Ahkilah Dec 09, 2022 430 views

Career advice for an MBA Graduate?

I am graduating with my MBA in management this Saturday! I am super excited but I am seeking advice on next steps. I don’t have much work experience, but I have lots to offer. Any suggestions for how someone like me can break through the barriers of entry level positions?