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Career Questions tagged College Courses

Gnoraine’s Avatar
Gnoraine Sep 18 43 views

What is the best career path I can take?

what is the best career path for me?

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Kamry May 09, 2018 614 views

What colleges offer anti-human trafficking courses or I guess degrees?

I'm a high school student currently and already know I want to put my life on the line in different developing countries and stop human trafficking. I want to go to college and be able to directly progress in this field but have no idea what colleges offer the best programs for prepping to be...

Lauralea’s Avatar
Lauralea Jan 17, 2018 559 views

What is the best way to maintain my career vision in college when I become overloaded by the workload?

I know many individuals who started strong in college but once the reality of the work to achieve their goals became known to them, they gave up on their dreams. I know that my desire to dual major in general surgery and as a general practitioner will require extensive discipline to maintain my...

Paige’s Avatar
Paige Jan 16, 2018 601 views

What classes would be helpful to take in a psychology major?

I want to go to college for psychology and I don't know what classes would be helpful to take with this major.
#college-courses #psychology #academic-advising #college-major #picking-classes

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Evelyn May 24, 2016 646 views

For someone going into the medical field, is it better to take physics senior year in high school or wait until college?

I am a little hesitant on taking physics my senior year because I've heard how the teacher does not teach properly nor grade properly. But knowing I want to go into the medical field, I'm debating whether to take the class or not. #college #medicine #physics #medical-school #high-school-classes...