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Annalycia’s Avatar
Annalycia May 02, 2023 423 views

What advice could I use for my journey to become a traveling nurse ?

I could use the advice to be prepared for my nursing career.

Kendall’s Avatar
Kendall Jan 30, 2023 337 views

what are good schools for nursing programs?

My name is Kendall, and i would like to go to college for nursing. i don't know any colleges with good nursing programs and would like some recommendations for some schools.

raina’s Avatar
raina Jan 30, 2023 392 views

Would you suggest taking a gap year?

I've heard people saying that taking a gap year helped them figure out what they wanted to pursue, since they had more time to find more about themselves, but other people said that it just burned them out. Any suggestions?

CareerVillage Office Hours’s Avatar
CareerVillage Office Hours Jan 24, 2023 702 views

How should younger students go about exploring potential careers?

How can students in middle school or younger start learning about careers, especially if they don't have adults they can turn to?

This question comes from our professionals series

Gicela’s Avatar
Gicela Jan 24, 2023 314 views

How do I start training to be a travel nurse?

How do you start in college? what do you recommend and why?